Every day we dedicate ourselves to helping you look and feel your most amazing.Every day we dedicate ourselves to helping you look and feel your most amazing.
Inspired beginnings. Fresh new starts.


In the early '80's Ann and Dennis Pence were thriving young advertising and marketing executives who dreamed of quitting New York City, starting a new life in nature, and opening a business that inspired people. They were instantly captivated by the majestic scenery of the great Northwest and decided to set up shop in Sandpoint, Idaho, home to the state's largest lake and biggest ski resort. In 1984 they launched Coldwater Creek as a catalog business with the promise of bringing customers "beautiful, unexpected, and extraordinary things". 30 years have passed since then and we make the same promise today.


Over the next 30 years the brand grew beyond catalog to include a website, more than 350 stores, and countless loyal customers. And for many of these years "the Creek" as it's affectionately known enjoyed status as the place for exciting fashion, great advice on how to wear it, and famously good personal service. Collections were thrilling. Service broke records for excellence. Our unique catalogs were much anticipated by customers and mimicked by the competition. And the brand and its customers became one and the same, sharing a passion for great wearable fashion as well as simple values like honesty, optimism, curiosity and community. This was a magical time in the brand's life when the Creek was at its very best. And we're dedicated to bringing it back.

...sharing a passion for great wearable fashion as well as simple values like honest, optimism, curiosity and community.

Who says you can only be your best self once?


In 2014 Coldwater Creek was purchased by a company that values the brand's rich heritage, upbeat vibe, and amazingly loyal customers. We're all about fresh starts and exciting new beginnings, so with our entrepreneurial spirit intact we launched Coldwater Creek Direct in November 2014, a new start up with a new website, a new look, and a new commitment to recreating the level of style, fashion, quality, and amazing experience Coldwater Creek was famous for. We took inspiration from all that was great about the brand at its best, and started a whole new Coldwater Creek from there.

Three things that make the Creek uniqueThree things that make the Creek unique

fashion that fits real life

Our goal is to help women be on trend while still looking like their amazing selves. We do this by curating key trends and translating them into feminine fashion that works in real life. We also update the best of the brand; reinvigorate trusted favorites like cozy sweaters, genius jeans, and perfect Ponte pants; and add surprising details that elevate the every day.

made to last the journey (and then some)

Coldwater Creek is synonymous with good quality and has been since day one. It's a real difference that sets us apart. We don't scrimp on fabrics and it really shows in our clothes. They look better, feel better, and don't fall apart.

our mantra: your satisfaction matters

Coldwater Creek was built on great customer service, and we're committed to bringing it back. On our new packing slip it says, "Your Satisfaction Matters", and this is the mantra we live by. We want to give customers a great experience at every touch point, so we began by streamlining our return policy. We accept returns and exchanges of unworn, unwashed or defective merchandise. No ands, ifs, or buts.