ColdWater Creek

We're excited to tell you that later this year we will introduce Coldwater Creek Direct online, a whole new website and a whole new experience.

When the announcement was made to close CWC, many people were understandably disappointed. We want to thank you sincerely for your support during those difficult days, and let you know that your loyalty means the world to us.

Just when we all thought "the Creek" was gone forever, the Coldwater Creek name and customer files were acquired by a company that loves the brand as much as you do. They value what we stand for and believe in what we make, and together we came up with a way to re-launch the Coldwater Creek brand. The good news is we’ll soon be bringing you a fresh new website featuring curated collections of all the things you love, including updated favorites, fashion that fits your real life, and unique and beautiful surprises that will literally make your day.

We’re committed to helping you look and feel amazing, and look forward to starting a new relationship with you at the new Coldwater Creek. Thank you.

Thank You

Coldwater Direct