prepare before you wash
First, de-pill by gently combing the areas with a sweater comb. Treat stains with a stain solution. Turn inside out (most stains build up on the inside of a garment).

Though most of our sweaters are hand wash to ensure that they maintain the highest possible quality before and after washing, Coldwater Creek is unique in offering a machine-washable Merino blend - combining the luxurious look and feel of Merino Wool with the ease of machine washing. If your sweater specifies hand wash, we recommend the following:

Prepare a basin of lukewarm water, plus a mild detergent. Submerge and press gently with your hands. Let soak for 15-30 minutes. Rinse the sweater well and press out the excess water, but do not wring.

For machine wash sweaters, dry on a low/gentle cycle. For hand wash sweaters, use a flat drying rack, or lay a towel flat and place the sweater on top of it in its natural shape - never hang dry, as this can distort the fabric and fit.

To help a sweater maintain its shape, always fold (never hang). In addition, always clean items before storing. Do not store in plastic - instead, use cotton bags that close with zippers. Plastic creates an environment for moth breeding.

other useful tips
Invest in a sweater shaver or comb, as even the best yarns - including cashmere - will pill. Store your sweaters in separate fabric bags. This will not only keep them cleaner, it will help prevent pilling by keeping garments from rubbing against each other. To remove pills (tiny balls on the surface of your sweater), cut very carefully with a safety razor.